Images are available as - Prints, Digital Downloads or on cd. The images for download are much larger in resolution than those on the cd and are suitable for printing to an above average size - cd images are intended more for web and social media. Simply click on any image and this will take you into the ordering area - whilst viewing each image you can choose to order Print at various sizes or Digital downloads.
You will need to create an account in order purchase images - this allows us to approve and track every order should any usage issues arise. The light on stage was variable at best and a little challenging, some of the images are brighter than others - this is just the nature of photographing live theatre - If you should want to discuss any of the images please contact me by email through this website. The watermark will not be shown on any downloaded images. Please be responsible with the images you download and refrain from posting images of anyone elses children on social media. I am always extra careful with photos of children and would ask you to do the same - that way I can continue to provide this service for Kelly and Ivy Arts- thank you
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