There are in excess of 450 images in this gallery and for that reason the disc files are small. Images are available as Prints, Digital Downloads or as a complete collection on disc. The images on disc are low resolution compared to the downloads - cd images are intended for social media and postcard sized prints - digital downloads are for larger size and good quality prints. You will need to create an account in order to order images - this allows us to track every order should any issues arise. To obtain individual images click on each in turn, add to basket as either print or digital download - prints will be posted within 7-10 days and digital files will be available to download from your account once your order has been approved. As the light on stage was variable and challenging at times, some of the images are brighter than others - this is the nature of photographing live theatre however if you should want to discuss any of the images please contact me by email through this website and I will get straight back to you. The watermark will not be shown on any downloaded images. To obtain a cd of the entire collection, click on ONE image ONLY - this will take you to the "shop" where you can select "CD of all images - £10), click on this option and checkout. Please use the images you purchase responsibly and don't share photos of the children on social media without permission - safeguarding and protecting children's privacy is of the utmost importance and with your co-operation I can continue to provide this service for theatre involving kids. Please do not take screen grabs of the images as this infringes my copyright - All images are priced very reasonably to enable you to obtain the ones you want - If you have any particular requests (large size prints, coffee table books, framing etc) please contact me and I'll be happy to discuss your requirements.
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